How to Dress at a Wedding

Posted on 11 May 2016

Summer is right around the corner, and this usually means wedding season!

These are a few wedding fashion tips for this Summer 2016:

Wear a bow tie

Bow ties are becoming more and more popular nowadays, replacing the regular tie. Express your own personal style with plenty of designs to choose from!

Lace shoes

Lace shoes are definitely the way to go, since slip on shoes will always look informal, no matter what. They’re not only ideal for a wedding, but they’re also perfect and comfortable for the dance floor!

Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Shirt

Both are okay, but depending on how you style it. If you know you will keep your blazer on, then a short sleeve shirt will keep you cool and comfortable under the summer heat. But, if you decide to take that blazer off, you might look out of place. However, you can also try baggier, light-weight long sleeved shirt, and you know you’ll fit in always. This is up to you!


It’s a little pointless to wear a watch, since it’ll be hidden from view! But cufflinks will always be visible no matter what. Keeping the cufflinks elegant and subtle, it can really make your outfit stand out! 

Hope my wedding fashion tips help, enjoy the wedding season!

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