End Of Summer Bucket List

Posted on 06 September 2016

Summer might be nearing its end, but Steve Harvey Collection can keep you looking great and feeling even better while you soak up the rest of the sun!

  1. Eat something deliciously bad for you at a state fair.
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Plan a barbecue
  4. Do a boat activity
  5. Enjoy a movie outdoors
  6. Treat yourself to a lobster roll
  7. Read your favorite book in your local park
  8. Make popsicles
  9. Be a tourist for a day
  10. Take a hike and watch the sunset
  11. Get outside and volunteer
  12. Go to a baseball game
  13. Visit a local swimming hole
  14. Book a last-minute summer retreat
  15. Preserve your favorite summer fruit

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