Tips for Men’s Fashion in Fall

Posted on 19 September 2016

Tips for Men’s Fashion in Fall: 

  1. Wear heavier fabrics with an interesting pattern – Flannel fabrics work great, grey for business and dark brown or tan for less formal suits. For jackets go with patterns such as windowpane, glen check, or houndstooth with an overplaid.


  1. Try fall colors – While summer is great for bright colors, the fall/winter season is made for muted colors such as brown, tan, red, purple, mauve, green, mustard yellow and blue.


  1. Mix color, textures and patterns – Due to the range of muted colors, fall outfits allow you to experiment with pattern, color and texture matching. The art of matching lies in the subtle harmony of all the elements.


  1. Go with Fall Ties – Just like coats, fall ies are more muted in color and classics like real ancient madder silks or wool challis prints make for great fall/ winter outfits.


  1. Fall specific pocket squares – Muted squares for the fall season, although you can make this a bright centerpiece if the rest of your outfit is subdued. Regarding texture, it pays to alternate with the tie.


  1. Brown shoes are your friend - Of course, you can wear red, tan or green shoes in fall, but your most versatile option is definitely brown. Brown can open your options to around 350 because there are so many different shades! On top of that, you can choose different leather textures and finishes. The most classic is the plain box calf finish, but suede is particularly suited for flannel because both have a certain texture that work well together.


  1. Wear silk scarves and a trench coat - During the transitional period from summer to fall and sometimes even winter, a trench coat will be one your most valuable companions. Not only does it give you a pleasing silhouette, but it also protects you from the rain and works with almost any other garment. While wool or cashmere scarves are the standards during the winter, either double sided silk and wool scarves just printed silk scarves are perfect accessories for your trench or sports coat.


  1. Get an overcoat - Once January rolls around, even trench coat with wool lining will be too cold especially in the sleeves, and so you should look for at least one overcoat.

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