What's Your Summer Style?

Posted on 21 July 2016

Are you in need of some sumer wardrobe additions? Hopefully whatever styles you're adding don't lose their summer color and feeling just because of their required look. Check out some of our diverse summer styles and see how you match up!


If you're keeping it casual this summer and need some wardrobe additions for the course, work, or maybe just a nice lunch, the Summer 2016 collection has you covered. With brightly colored polos and easy fitting lightweight shorts, there are multiple options for those hot summer days.

The Chip

The Marcus

The Barrington


If you are constantly riding the line between casual and formal and feel like you can't find the ride combo for that next summer party, Steve's got you. With lots of linen blend dress shirts that can be dressed up and down, this summer's collection is perfect for someone who finds themselves switching in and out of multiple settings. 

The Kelvin

The Jordan

The Jeffrey


If you're in need of some more formal attire for this season, the summer collection has a variety of options that can operate in that side of the spectrum. Regardless of your occasion, there are some dressed up options that don't completely suck the summer out of your look. 

The Bentley

The Tristan

The Nathan

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